Our product — Glenzocimab

Our Product


In recent decades molecular engineering methods have seen impressive advances enabling the design of therapeutic antibodies and derivatives that now represent the fastest growing class of biopharmaceuticals .

Acticor Biotech product, Glenzocimab, is a high affinity humanized  antibody fragment (Fab) directed against a new therapeutic target of major interest: the platelet glycoprotein VI (GPVI). Glenzocimab is produced in CHO cells using the GPEx technology (Catalent).

GPVI ACT17 Blockade of GPBI binding sites
Glenzocimab (Acticor Biotech): monoclonal Fab

Glenzocimab activity has been demonstrated in transgenic mice expressing the human GPVI and in primates. The results shown an inhibition of the collagen-induced platelet aggregation with no influence on bleeding time nor platelet count. The treatment will be a new option in the therapeutic landscape of stroke: it should be suitable for use in all patients, including those eligible to thrombolysis or not and patients beneficing of mechanical thrombectomy.