For a safe and effective treatment of stroke

Acticor Biotech is a biopharmaceutical company, founded in 2013 as a spin-off of Inserm (Paris, France), developing an innovative drug for the treatment in the acute phase of ischemic stroke.

According to the World Health Organization, 15 million people suffer stroke worldwide each year. Of these, 6 million die and another 5 million are permanently disabled.

Stroke is the third cause of death in the world and the first cause of adult acquired disabilities resulting

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Strong market potential

Unmeet market needs

15 Million strokes in the world

Annually, 15 million first-ever strokes occur in the world. This number is due to increase because of aging population: in 1990 the world population over 60 years old was 488 millions, in 2030 the projected number is 1,363 millions.

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3rd Cause of Death

Stroke is the 3rd cause of death in industrialized countries (6 million deaths worldwide). The second cause of dementia after Alzheimer's disease and the leading cause of acquired disability in adults. In France, the annual incidence of stroke is estimated at 140,000 cases.

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Major Economic Impact

In addition to being a major public health issue, stroke has a tremendous economic impact. For instance, in 2010 stroke-related medical costs and disability cost about 34 billion dollars to the USA. In the EU countries, the total annual cost of stroke is estimated at 38 billion euros, including the value of informal care.

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Our aim: a drug candidate
with unique benefits

  • Unmeet medical needs in acute stroke

    Despite some health and economic needs, no pharmaceutical treatment is currently satisfactory for the treatment of stroke. Thus, fewer than 10% of patients can be treated with thrombolysis, only effective in the first 4.5h (as approved in EU, 3h in USA) of a stroke, and no existing antiplatelet drugs are suitable for the treatment of acute stroke because of their bleeding risk.

  • A first-in class antithrombotic agent

    Our drug candidate is an antithrombotic agent, designed to reduce the size of the clot, prevent recurrences without bleeding risk and is intended to be used within the first 12 hours.

  • No bleeding risk

    The drug is directed against a novel target of major interest, platelet glycoprotein VI (GPVI) and inhibits its action. Evidence of antithrombotic efficacy and safety of inhibition of GPVI has been established ex vivo but also in in vivo models. The target is involved in the growth of the thrombus and not in physiological hemostasis making the drug candidate the first antithrombotic without bleeding risk.

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