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Project Team

Kristell Lebozec, R&D Project Manager

photo-kristell-carree-180x180Master of Biotechnology Engineering with a focus on R&D and Health. K. Lebozec has a 2 years experience in academic laboratories (Institut Gustave Roussy and Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers) and in the industry (DNA Therapeutics and I-Stem). She is in charge of selecting ACT017 expression system, designing analytical methods and of the functional characterization of products.

Laurie Jullien – Regulatory Affairs and Quality

ljullienPharmD., Master of International Development and Registration of Drugs. Laurie Jullien started at Genentech (USA) in Product Drug Development and was appointed Regulatory Affairs Labelling Manager at Roche (UK). She is in charge of the regulatory and quality strategy for the development of ACT017, the IMPD dossier and the clinical trial authorisation requests for phase 1 and 2.