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€1.4 million capital increase by Acticor Biotech

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Funding used to step up development of its first-in-class drug candidate for the
emergency treatment of strokes

Paris, 11 July 2016 – Acticor Biotech, biotechnology company agent without bleeding risk for the emergency treatment of ischemic strokes, has just completed a €1.4 million capital increase. The funds were raised from investors via the Anaxago crowdfunding platform which is developing an anti-thrombotic (€740,000), from research association ARMESA (€500,000) and from business angels (€170,000).

Acticor Biotech’s ACT-017 drug candidate represents a major innovation in the emergency treatment of ischemic strokes. It is a first-in-class candidate that inhibits a new target protein, the glycoprotein VI, which is specifically responsible for the growth of blood clots during a stroke. ACT-017 is intended to be used alone or in combination with Alteplase®, the only emergency treatment currently available, which is given to fewer than 10% of patients in the four and a half hours after the first symptoms appearing.

The capital increase will enable Acticor Biotech to continue pre-clinical development and produce initial
batches of ACT-017.

Gilles Avenard, CEO of Acticor Biotech, said “the emergency treatment of ischemic strokes represents a
major medical need, since over 600,000 patients per year are affected in Europe. The treatment of ischemic strokes, either in combination with Alteplase® or after Alteplase®, must be without bleeding risk. In vitro and in vivo testing of ACT-017 have confirmed results already published, suggesting that we have a drug candidate that will eventually be possible to admin just after the first symptoms appear.”
Joachim Dupont, co-founder of Anaxago and director of Acticor Biotech, said “this second funding round for Acticor Biotech, organized via our platform, is 30% larger than the first round and provides further validation of the crowdfunding model for the healthcare sector. It shows the interest of investors for Acticor biotech developments in stroke treatment, and their desire to support the development of innovative solutions to major unresolved public health problems.

According to the WHO, 23 million people around the world will suffer a stroke in 2030.

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